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Our Message

This website was created to broadcast the benefits of kindness, spread awareness about social problems, and encourage people to start thinking about how they're contributing to society. 

My hope is to make people aware of themselves and their actions by encouraging a more empathetic way of thinking and creating positive relationships within communities. 

Everyone comes from all different walks of life. Some people have it all while some have nothing. You never know a person's whole story. They might come from a chaotic home or have no home at all. They might suffer from addiction, sickness, or mental illness. They might even just be having a bad day. They could be anyone in your life: a friend, your family or a peer. However, they wake up and continue life doing the same things you do, carrying a baggage of turmoil.

Knowing this, we should make the conscious decision to be that person in someone's day (or life) who makes them feel appreciated, important, loved, and cared for. Even a single smile or "hello" can make the biggest difference.


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