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10 Things you Can Do to Encourage Kindness

The smallest action can have the biggest impact

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1. Be aware.

Being conscious of your actions and words is important when interacting with others. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about how you would feel if that was said/done to you. 

2. Choose Kindness.

3. Smile.

If your action/thought is unkind, choose kindness by not saying/doing it at all. Negative actions and words don't benefit relationships or communities.

When you smile, your physical display of happiness can be internalized into genuine happiness. Also, when others see you smiling they will most likely begin smiling as well! Everyone can benefit from a moment of happiness in their day.

4. Help others.

Helping others with simple to big tasks can be rewarding as well as a good way to build and create relationships. Actions such as holding a door open or listening to someone when they need emotional support can encourage kindness. Don't be afraid to ask for help either, people love to help each other.

5. Speak up.

Go out and socialize! Meeting new people is a great way to expand communities and make friends. Creating new friends is an excellent way to increase the feeling of happiness in your overall life. 

6. Be Positive. 

Life already has plenty of things to be pessimistic about, so why not look at all the things to be grateful for? Being positive will help others see the brighter side too!

7. Volunteer

Donate to your local food pantry, volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate old clothing or even help run an event for charity! The possibilities are endless.

8. Ask Questions.

Asking questions shows you care. Ask people how their day was, how you can help, or what they're doing later today.

9. Pay It Forward.

Respond to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else. This can be as small as paying for lunch for the person behind you or doing a kind deed for someone less fortunate.  

10. Share this Website.

Share this website with friends, family, and peers to spread the message of encouraging kindness in your community!

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